The wedding day is one of the most amazing experiences as it provides lasting memories difficult to forget.

We are a boutique event planning company who offers a different point of view of a traditional wedding planning. We specialize in the creation of fully customized boutique events; maintaining special care for the quality of each of our events. This means that we do not create 2 identical weddings.


With over 10 years of experience in the tourism and event industry with focus to a top client, Natalia Matamoros has excelled in maintaining the high quality products. Natalia has, also, worked as Business Product Developer in one of the most important online travel agencies in Central America. Her experience, excellent reputation and relationship with the best vendors in the country, brought her to design a fresh and innovative concept of weddings that ended in the creation of Unique Co., totally dedicated to unique and boutique events in Costa Rica.


In order to maintain our customer service and quality in each of the events, there will be a limited number of events per year.

Let us know your dream wedding and leave the rest to us.


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Many couples have questions abour our services, or wants to ensure that Unique Co.  is available  for their wedding date.

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